Giggles and Chaos

When in doubt, go for a hike. It’s the best way to see the city and dive into interesting conversation all while getting some exercise in the sun. The ultimate form of multi-tasking.

hike mission peak

Yesterday, we hiked the lush Mission Peak in Fremont.

mission peak

We ate some snacks once we made it to the top and eventually made it back down the mountain after an accidental detour. That interesting conversation clearly took control, leading us astray. 😉

hiking day

We were all kinds of ready for a lavish dinner after our hike, so last night we met our college friend Brittany for Peruvian food at Limon. We ordered sangria, empanadas, ceviche, paella, and beef tongue. The beef tongue had a surprisingly savory flavor, but it wasn’t my favorite. I couldn’t quite enjoy eating taste buds.

Limon Mission Valley

We went dancing after dinner, and oh the fun you can have in this city on a Monday night. On our way home, amidst giggles and chaos, one lady told us we needed to have our own reality show. Supposedly we’re funny. Maybe that TV show idea will come to fruition one day.

breaking rules on bart

And that’s a wrap. Happy Tuesday!



Are you a fan of hiking?


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  1. says

    Love the tongue talk..I don’t really care for tongue either. I was at the CIA(culinary institute of america) and was forced to do a cold show plate with tongue and stomach liner, so it turned me off to it. 😉 enjoy your fabulous trip lades.