A way to Relax

Thank you for all the sweet comments on Monday’s post!

bagel jelly avocado

I finally tried this rather strange breakfast combo it and, it did not disappoint. Whole wheat bagel, grape jelly and avocado.

Speaking of food, I haven’t written about fitness in a while. I’ve mostly been doing a strict routine of attending classes and running. I enjoy going to exercise classes because I can follow along while daydreaming. My yoga classes are different though.


I used to think yoga was just an excuse for a nap. If you haven’t, give it a try because the benefits are plentiful, including breaking a sweat.


I’ve been going to morning yoga weekly. The yogi mindset of deep breathing and calmness helps me see beyond the minor day-to-day challenges.

little beauties

Yoga is the vessel to my volition. The antithesis to society’s jarring influence.

Where is the one place you go or one activity you do to calm your thoughts?


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  1. Nancy Vetter says

    Call me crazy, but ironing makes me feel better. I usually watch a TV show or movie, get to smell that wonderful steamy laundry fragrance and get nice pressed clothing as a bonus :)

  2. Francene Katzen says

    Hey, I love ironing, Nancy-you are not crazy at all :)! Ok the bagel breakfast-hope it tasted better than it sounded-haha. I think Yoga is one of the best things one can do for their body-I only wish I had started it at your young age-keep it up and in 30 yrs. you will be really glad you did. Don’t get me wrong-cardio is also important,but as in anything a balance is good.

  3. says

    I love that poster of yoga benefits! I just joined a studio that I think is pretty hard and I am loving it! It’s nice to see all the benefits written down :) It definitely helps calm my thoughts!

  4. says

    I love avocado on toast but never would have thought to try it with jelly too. I’m not a huge fan of jelly so i might have to skip out of this one but im sure the sweet salty would be a good combination if you were a jelly fan.

  5. beth says

    Although I don’t do yoga enough, I am CONVINCED that Yoga ALONG WITH a regular running routine for the cardio benefits, is certainly THE BEST combo for ME to stay at my healthiest (and most sane!) self! ;-)
    a good BALANCE of activities snd intensities is so important!

  6. says

    The bath tub lol…but seriously I do some great thinking in the bath!

    Also I WISH I had seen your grape jelly + avocado toast combo 2 hours ago. Just had avocado with eggs for brinner…I have a feeling jelly would have been an awesome addition!

  7. says

    My life is pretty hectic, so I’ve had to adapt to just closing my eyes and taking deep breaths for a minute or so to clear my thoughts. It works until I can get to the spa for a massage!

  8. says

    Alex – Amidst the wonderful cooking and exercising notes, thanks for this week’s spot on just taking calm and relaxing time to center ourselves. This sometimes feels selfish to us (over-doing it women!). But, it truly is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. Thanks! (I enjoy perusing your old blogs, for the lovely pics.)

  9. says

    I love yoga, but I go through phases with it. i will do it a ton and then kind of taper off and go a couple months without it. I would love to be more regular about it!

  10. says

    I like to run and when I was at home I liked to hike. I’m still trying to find my happy place here in the city, but granted I’ve been here only a few days

  11. says

    I need to get back into yoga! I’ve let some things go because of school starting back up, and I really regret allowing yoga to be one of those things! Ooh that avocado on your bagel looks amazing!