Marvelous Monday

Good morning and welcome to Monday.



I’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous Monday. Congrats Katie on your new arrival!

Marvelous is Saturday brunching at Bluegrass Grill.

Spanakopita omelet, hasbrowns, raisin toast

Spanakopita omelet, hasbrowns, raisin toast

Marvelous is fun summer nights out in Charlottesville with great company.

The Downtown Mall in Cville

The Downtown Mall in Cville

Marvelous is touring the UVA grounds with new friends and old friends.

The Rotunda!

The Rotunda!

Marvelous is ordering nachos for dinner at West Main and feeling 0% guilt-ridden.

Nacho Lovin'

Nacho Lovin’

Marvelous is going to the polo matches at King Family Vineyard.



Marvelous is enjoying a wine tasting and going for long weekend walks.

Red or white, right or left, take your pic :)

Red or white, right or left, take your pic :)

What’s marvelous for you this Monday?

Have a great day!







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    “When you hurry through life you just get to the end faster.” I liked that ad and the Furtick quote.

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  2. says

    Oh wine tastings are quite marvelous…My marvelous is that I had a flat tire going to work today, but at least I realized it when pulling out of my driveway and was able to quickly switch into my mom’s car and drive it today :)

  3. says

    Wine tasting sounds divine! And I would love to watch a polo match! Sounds very classy :) Nachos for dinner is totally okay in my book, I actually did fro-yo for lunch yesterday.

  4. says

    Food without the guilt definitely tastes 100x better. Those nachos look -amazing-. Monday is marvelous because it’s Canada Day around these parts :D Good food, lots of things to see, and fireworks tonight. Oh! And a long weekend :D