Friday Cheer

Happy Friday!

I jump started my morning with a workout followed by an egg scramble for breakfast.

photo 5


I used 2 eggs, orange peppers, carrots, salsa, and salt & peppa’. Note to self- don’t add raw carrots to omelets.

I almost always add cheese to my eggs, but I was out of it this morning.

photo 2

Cheesy eggs from yesterday’s breakfast

I was surprised to find how much flavor my breakfast had without the cheese. Thank you salsa, one of the best toppings!

Salsa with dinner last night

Salsa with dinner last night

Followed by a makeshift dessert that made me want to do the salsa

Followed by a makeshift dessert that made me want to do the salsa

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

For my TED Talk lovers, check out their blog post by Morton Bast recapping Meg Jay’s 20-somethings talk. A few of us got to be included and share our thoughts in the post- check it out!

And with that, I leave you with an amazing statement by my Dad. Both of my parents provide me with so much insight and I want to pass it on to everyone:

My take on happiness is do what you know you’re supposed to do, be selfless as much as possible and be kind to others, focus intensely and exclusively on what’s in front of your nose and forgive your personal failures.  That’s about 95% of it, I suspect.  The rest is focusing on and working toward those things like selflessness, living in the moment and acceptance of self.  Strenuous exercise, meditation (by allowing your mind to be a vessel rather than a port) and the practice of compassion will get you there.  That’s really about it, I think. Enjoy the ever mutable moment.” ~Michael Katzen


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  1. says

    I’m at work now, but definitely gonna check out that TED Talk during my lunch break. Thanks for sharing, Alex!

    I love your Dad’s quote! But does he have any advice on figuring out/deciding what you know you’re supposed to do? I think that’s the hardest part :(

  2. Anne @ says

    Focus in the now. I believe your dad is spot on. It’s up to use to figure out how to do that. My guess is its a continuous effort.

    Oh and as far as toppig go… I am 100% convince there isn’t a better one than salsa!