Redefining Mondays

Like most people, I dread Mondays. It’s always difficult getting back into the swing of things after a fun weekend. I was thinking about this on the way to work this morning and decided to not focus on despising Mondays. If I think about something else, I’ll focus less on the day and therefore lose the negativity.


Some say Mondays are great for fresh starts. I don’t think I’ll ever be a big Monday person but turning my negative thoughts around is definitely a start! And now on to the fun stuff- weekend eats!


Lee and I went to a Mexican restaurant on Friday with another couple


My fajitas!

I love fajitas but all of the oils sit pretty heavy in my stomach. I’m going to try and make these at home with less grease in the near future.


And again as leftovers for lunch the next day

On Saturday, I got some work done while exercising on the elliptical for an hour. Double tasking is the best. :) That evening, Lee and I went to the grocery store to pick up some things for dinner.


Real life?


We found the perfect dessert of course!

We decided to make shrimp and crispy green bean fries for dinner before digging into our chocolate cake.


Good chefs know that wine makes everything better ;)

I used Julie’s recipe for hoisin and sesame shrimp, which turned out perfectly. We were even successful using the broiler for the first time. (The next day, I used the shrimp and tortillas from my fajitas on Friday to make Lee some quesedillas and he gave them 2 thumbs up!) We used this recipe for the green beans that I found on Pinterest and they were really good too.


The final product!

I’ll definitely be making this meal again. Hope everyone had a great weekend and is off to a positive Monday!

Question of the day: Do you do anything special on Mondays to help excite you through the day?

I just got hooked on Mad Men so I plan on watching an episode or 2 this evening while doing loads of laundry. I can’t wait!


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  1. says

    I’ve decided to start doing my workouts after work on Mondays when my schedule allows. That way, I can ease back into the work week, taking my time getting ready and making breakfast. It helped this morning :-)

  2. says

    dude I always scope out for those manager specials on like a box of cereal that is half opened or a bent can – you know those random things. I am all about saving. Sounds like a great weekend

  3. Francene Katzen says

    Love the Norman Peale Saying-he has good stuff!!! So true-it works. Those food items look pretty yummy!

  4. says

    Omg stop tempting me with that chocolate cake! I’ve eaten enough cake to feed a family of four for three weeks this weekend! Mondays are just another day for me, or at least that’s what I try to see them as. By the end of the weekend I’m usually craving a routine so it doesn’t seem as bad.

  5. says

    I became a Monday person when I stopped working on Mondays : ) Having Sat-Mon off is amazing and I love catching up on life and prepping for the week ahead. We LOVE making fajitas at home. My favorite is when we do it on the grill. So yummy and much healthier!

  6. says

    Ahh Mad Men! So good! Only a month until the next season….!

    Connor & I are usually a day behind on TV shows, so we take Mondays to catch up on The Walking Dead, which is one of my favorites. I try not to schedule a lot of extra meetings or rehearsals on Mondays, to make my day a little easier, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

  7. says

    Heck, that sounds like a pretty snazzy Monday! And mmm, fajitas–SO GOOD. Grease and all, haha. Plus Manager’s Special treats? I like how you shop. I made Mondays awesome by signing up for an evening pottery class–It is SO MUCH FUN, and makes me beyond excited for Mondays now!