Alone on the Road


Oh hey blog hiatus, how you doin’? From long days of the southern hot sun to wifi glitches, I haven’t found time to sit down and just write. Long term traveling is exhausting, especially without loved ones, and that’s an understatement. Uncertain realities filled with disillusion. Few belongings and even less support. At least I… 

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Create Your State


I got to galavant with my trumpet-clad pal, Mike to explore the University of Oklahoma (one of his alma maters) while in Norman, Oklahoma yesterday. Norman has a quaint little area full of restaurants and bars for students like Charlottesville where we got coffee at a Cafe Plaid. Later in the day, we hit The Library… 

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The Traveling Chucks


These shoes have been chucked through Colorado, Nebraska and Missouri in the past few days of wanderlust flow. They’ve seen delicate fortune wrapped in bows, And towering land masses that endlessly grow. They aid in the continual process of finding balance in the midst of the lengthy, windy roads. The Sports Authority Field at Mile High… 

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I’m Short and Utah


From Idaho to Utah, the ideal story emerges from images. That’s the beauty (or horror) with the work of story- it’s effortless to gloss over the pain. As pain flows out, bliss is eventually born. Just as something falls, a new entity is born, like having the opportunity to go on tour this summer. New… 

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You, no, Idaho


Howdy from the great state of Idaho. What’s here? Other than the drum corps’ performance, I’m not quite sure. Just kidding, Kind of. Pretty views though. We’re here in Kuna, Idaho, right outside of Boise. I went for a run today through the little country downtown. I made a pit stop at the playground for… 

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OreGon to Washington


The entire west coast is on point with the views. We spent the 4th in Seaside, Oregon. Seaside is like a less intense, smaller version of Virginia Beach. I love the west coast for its mountains and beaches. Why settle for just one when you can have both? Before leaving Oregon, I made sure to stop… 

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The Oregon Trail


Greetings from Oregon. We left gorgeous California to head up the coast to Oregon and Washington on our tour. I’ve been snapping shots and writing verses along the way. And learning new features on my camera. An accidental crazy shot. Such is life. It’s fun shooting the media, being on the top of arenas while… 

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Moving Ever Forward


Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and love regarding my last post. Each and every message truly warmed my heart. Thank you. I haven’t been writing much, which is silly because Grant was a writer who always encouraged me to write and create more while helping me push past my boundaries, without ever taking… 

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