Simplifying back East


Sometimes the less you think, the happier you are. When I focus on the here and now in a yoga class, I find myself much more relaxed than when I uncontrollably allow my mind to race through thought after thought. I’m back form California and hanging out at home in Richmond for a couple days…. 

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La la Land

innout burger

There aren’t very many people I’d enjoy an 11 hour car ride with. Thoughts run fast as conversations dwindle, but when you find the right crew, it can be one helluva a fun ride. Sara and I invited my clever friend Grant to join our LA land road trip. What a brave/lucky soul. Grant is also… 

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It’s San Francisco

friend bond

“It’s San Francisco.” Whenever you spot something wonderfully unique or oddly different, “it’s San Francisco” seems to be the common response. SF is a place for the wild and free where truly anything goes. To say we fit in with this lovey city would be an understatement. We kicked off our day yesterday touring the… 

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A Dream Job

handstands at facebook

Well, it’s official. I’ve found my dream job. Even my travel buddy was amazed. Facebook gets a lot of flack, but all successful companies have haters. You know you’ve made it when you’ve got haters. This is the company to be jealous of. The entire campus is immaculate. Everything from the wall decorations to the… 

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Giggles and Chaos

hike mission peak

When in doubt, go for a hike. It’s the best way to see the city and dive into interesting conversation all while getting some exercise in the sun. The ultimate form of multi-tasking. Yesterday, we hiked the lush Mission Peak in Fremont. We ate some snacks once we made it to the top and eventually… 

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