One Israeli Appetite


A 10-day trip to Israel, all expenses paid. What’s the catch? Well, sometimes, it’s best not to ask.¬†Find the ticket, and just take the ride. Going into the trip, I was completely usnure of what to expect. As a traveler, I’ve actually learned how to let go of expectations and let the times roll in… 

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Concrete Jungle Where Teams are Made Of


“In the high country of the mind one has to become adjusted to the thinner air of uncertainty, and to the enormous magnitude of questions asked, and to the answers proposed to these questions. The sweep goes on and on and on so obviously much further than the mind can grasp one hesitates even to… 

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The Power of Speech


The beach was a blast Time went by so fast Getting lost in rays for fortified days. Aside from reading, lounging, noshing and snoozing, I got to do paddle boarding again this year. I first tried it a couple years ago in Hawaii and fell in love with the activity. It’s a killer workout that… 

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Suns Out Guns Out


Greetings from Garden City! The South Carolina beaches come close to an island getaway for the east coast. Friendly people, laid back culture, wide sandy beaches, calm ocean water, and comfortably warm temperatures. It’s always a fascinating thing to watch the mind during rest. We crave vacation for months and when we finally receive it,… 

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Finished with Tour


I’d be lying if I said I was immune to fear from change. The nomad life is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but it comes with a price, like questioning reality. What is my reality while always on the go? Well, the only solution is to savor the adventure, climb aboard and hang on! I… 

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The People Along the Trip


From Mississippi up through Alabama (stopping at Dreamland for BBQ nachos!) to Nashville, TN then east to Atlanta, GA, and north to Charlotte, NC, our quest up north is in full swing. Like my discovery in my last post, the people are how I remember each city. It’s exciting being the guest of a new… 

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Alone on the Road


Oh hey blog hiatus, how you doin’? From long days of the southern hot sun to wifi glitches, I haven’t found time to sit down and just write. Long term traveling is exhausting, especially without loved ones, and that’s an understatement. Uncertain realities filled with disillusion. Few belongings and even less support. At least I… 

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Create Your State


I got to galavant with my trumpet-clad pal, Mike to explore the University of Oklahoma (one of his alma maters) while in Norman, Oklahoma yesterday. Norman has a quaint little area full of restaurants and bars for students like Charlottesville¬†where we got coffee at a Cafe Plaid. Later in the day, we hit The Library… 

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